Django personality pose

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A personality poseA personality pose is a custom high-resolution image of a character from the film. These publicity stills convey a sense of the character’s attitude and persona, and are used to promote the film by the studio and its marketing partners. of Remy’s rather stern and overbearing father Django. According to Wikipedia, he is never referred to by name in the film, so there you go, some compelling behind-the-scenes information for you. Hollywood!

Paintfixes & retouching

Ratatouille showcased the achievements of the simulation team front and center. Between algorithmically-generated hair and fur, cloth and fabric, and liquid dynamics, it was all in there. Don’t ask me how. For Creative Services, the rat characters in particular presented a challenge at higher resolutions. As the size of the image increased the hair simulation needed to be scaled accordingly, or the rats began to exhibit pattern baldness instead of looking like healthy little furballs. This in turn led to increased simulation and render times and correspondingly greater system resource requirements. A fair amount of retouching was generally necessary to fill in the missing gaps.

  • unpainted render
  • final paintfixed image
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  • Paintfix closeup thumbnail image

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