Frozone personality poses

  • Frozone pose 1
  • Frozone pose 2
  • Frozone pose 3

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I created a series of personality posesA personality pose is a custom high-resolution image of a character from the film. These publicity stills convey a sense of the character’s attitude and persona, and are used to promote the film by the studio and its marketing partners. of Lucius Best, aka Frozone, for the Disney / Pixar film The Incredibles. Jazz hands!

Paintfixes & retouching

The rendered images were finished in Photoshop. Click any thumbnail below to compare the raw render with the final paintfixed image.

  • unpainted render
  • final paintfixed image
  • unpainted render
  • Final paintfixed image
  • Closeup of Frozone's glove with paintfix regions highlighted
  • closeup of Frozone's glove showing final paintfixes
  • closeup of Frozone pose showing paintfix regions
  • closeup of Frozone showing final paintfixed image

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