Elastigirl personality poses

  • Elastigirl pose 1
  • Elastigirl pose 2
  • Elastigirl pose 3

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Of all the productions I was involved with while in Creative Services at Pixar, The Incredibles was easily my favorite. Brad Bird’s earlier film The Iron Giant is just great, and I was further sold when I learned he had cast Sarah Vowell for the role of Violet, the teenage daughter (see sidebar, right). I loved working on this film, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to have worked for Brad Bird during its production. Beginning with poses provided by the animation department, I created these personality posesA personality pose is a custom high-resolution image of a character from the film. These publicity stills convey a sense of the character’s attitude and persona, and are used to promote the film by the studio and its marketing partners. of Helen Parr, aka Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible’s endlessly-patient spouse. After generating the simulation data for Helen's hair and clothes, I then lit, rendered and assembled the raw image. Paintfixes (notably the pointy flip of her hair and the edges and seams of her suit) and futher enhancements were handled in Photoshop.

Paintfixes & retouching

The rendered images were finished in Photoshop. Rendering errors involving the hair and clothing simulations (hair intersecting the face, bald spots, hair stubbornly not coming to a pointy flip, stretched seams and mismatched textures with the clothing, etc.) were handled with layers of digital paint. Click any thumbnail below to compare the raw render with the final paintfixed image.

  • closeup of Helen pose showing paintfix regions
  • closeup of Colette showing final paintfixed image
  • Closeup of Helen's face with paintfix regions highlighted
  • closeup of Helen image showing final paintfixes
  • unpainted render
  • Final paintfixed image
  • unpainted render
  • final paintfixed image
  • closeup of Helen pose showing retouch areas
  • closeup of Helen image showing final retouched image

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