Jak Jak Personality Poses

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I created a set of personality posesA personality pose is a custom high-resolution image of a character from the film. These publicity stills convey a sense of the character’s attitude and persona, and are used to promote the film by the studio and its marketing partners. of JakJak, Bob and Helen Parr's infant son, for the Disney / Pixar film The Incredibles. As with all personality poses, I began with a pose provided by the animation department, then generated simulation data for the clothing and hair. Each pose was then lit and rendered. Rendering errors were fixed and further enhancements were applied in Amazon3D Paint to create the final finished images.

What's he need, his dip-tet?

Lighting technical direction is an iterative process in which virtual light sources are positioned in 3D space around a model or scene, values controlling the qualities and characteristics of each light source are specified, and the illumination of the scene is then generated (a process known as rendering) to produce an image. This process is very much akin to suspending a bunch of unplugged spotlights over a stage, in the dark, then powering on all of the spotlights at once, taking a photo and seeing what you end up with. It's fun for the whole family, especially on Take Your Daughter To Work Day. The image is evaluated and the process is repeated, repositioning the light sources and adjusting their characteristics, and a new image is rendered. After a number of these iterations the light sources are all balanced in relation to each other to produce a harmonious, realistic and consistent final rendering that matches the master lighting plan for the film as determined by the director of photography for the film.

Sometimes things go wrong. If errors are encountered in any of the components that make up a scene, the renderer may often fail outright, or it may valiantly march on with its calculations, producing incorrect and sometimes startling and hilarious images. Errors with JakJak’s sub-surface scattering model (used for imbuing a soft glow to the character’s skin) resulted in a Frankenbaby render that awaited me upon arriving at the office the following morning:

  • JakJak Hulk

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Don’t even ask me about the render where Elastigirl’s clothing simulation broke and her suit was thus discarded BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE IT.