McQueen / Mater Pubstill

  • McQueen-Mater publicity still

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During the course of a film's production, Pixar's Creative Services generates a number of images capturing key moments of the film used by the studio in its press materials and by its partners in promoting the film. Created from one or more of the film's scenes, these publicity stills are further modified and enhanced to create compelling stand-alone images representative of the film as a whole. In this image, the characters were rendered with motion-blur disabled in order to produce a more photographic and readable image, while a sense of action was retained by enabling motion-blur on all non-character elements such as the spinning wheels, the grass in the field and the flying clippings. Blending of static and motion-blurred areas was applied in Photoshop along with retouching of rendering errors and other aesthetic enhancements.

Paintfixes & retouching

  • unpainted render
  • final paintfixed image

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